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From concept to scale, the Sage Seed specializes in providing tailored financial solutions, ranging from pre-seed to late-stage seed investments. Our mission is to empower the next generation of innovative ventures, driving both impact and returns.

Your Strategic Partner in Financing

Empowering Innovation through Partnership

At Sage we see ourselves as partners on your journey to success, leveraging our extensive network to multiply the value and growth potential of your vision. 


Connected: Our expansive network consists of seasoned angels and high net worth individuals always on the hunt for the next ground-breaking venture. 


Engaged: We're more than just financiers. We're collaborators. Our commitment goes beyond capital. We offer mentorship, guidance, and hands-on support across all facets of your business, ensuring that you're never alone on your entrepreneurial journey. 


Patient: We understand that real, sustainable success doesn't happen overnight. Our investment horizons typically range between 5-7 years, accompanying you from pre-seed right through to the seed rounds, giving your vision the time required to flourish. 


Values-Driven: At the heart of our investment strategy lies three pillars: 

  • Teams: Proven and Committed. 

  • Vision: Clear and Achievable. 

  • Success: Recognized and Measurable. 


Sage: creating a sustainable future marked by innovation and prosperity.

Realistic. Grounded. Experienced.

In the dynamic world of startups not every company will be a unicorn and not every exit will lead to an IPO.  Yet, regardless of the eventual outcome, every business begins with the same fundamental needs and aspirations. 


With over 25 years of experience, including successful exits to global environmental consulting and major oil and gas players, we've been where you are now. We understand the intricacies of your journey, the hurdles you'll encounter, and the milestones you aim to achieve. 


Our entrepreneurial background, paired with our extensive transactional history, uniquely positions us to be more than just your investors. We're your seasoned guides, equipped to navigate alongside you every step of the way. 


Your journey, our expertise. Let's chart the path to success together. 

Embracing Risk, Crafting Reward 


In the early-stage investment landscape, risk is inevitable: 

  • Early Stage? Absolutely. 

  • High Risk? Of course. 


However, the secret to our continued success lies in effective risk mitigation. Our strategy hinges on partnering with entrepreneurial teams that bring two essential elements to the table: 

  • Proven Teams: Exceptional individuals united by shared goals and collective expertise. 

  • Singular & Achievable Vision: A clear, focused, and actionable roadmap for success. 

  • It's a strategy that's not just theoretical—it's been field-tested, validated, and has consistently delivered for us. 


When risk is managed and molded through the right partnerships, it transforms from a challenge into an opportunity. 

Our Success

Pioneering a scalable, low energy biomass waste to carbon neutral biocrude and biochar conversion technology using re-purposed oil and gas infrastructure. 

Developers of a B2B on-device/handsfree/code free XR application development platform and Metaverse construction engine.

Created the first FEC based VR freeroam gaming experience for obstacle rich environments and up to 16 simultaneous players in partnership with industry leaders HTC and Creative Works.

A data analytics driven, fully integrated direct marketing company.

Pioneering practical amixed reality applications and data visualization for oil and gas, environmental engineering, utilities and education across multiple hardware platforms.  Winner of the Hart Energy Award in 2020 for the development of Imersiv, in partnership with Halliburton.

A bespoke industrial design, engineering and fabrications firm specializing in oil and gas and cleantech.

Designer of stand alone ozone based sanitization cabinets for shared play space, day care, gaming and industrial equipment and wearables.


Leroy has over 20 years of consulting experience, with a specialty in internal business processes and systems improvement. He conducts comprehensive financial performance and operations assessments to advise clients on strategies for performance improvement, and prepare business valuations that are specific to the engineering and scientific consulting industry.

With specialized expertise in numerical modelling, network and database management, Leroy builds customized models to provide clients with valuable information to aid in decision making – both for day-to-day operations, and for long-term planning. He creates custom financial models to forecast the short and long-term financial implications of alternative strategic options, and builds effective tools for analyzing technical data and market intelligence.

Leroy is skilled at gathering, synthesizing, interpreting, summarizing, and effectively communicating complex information. F&M clients especially value Leroy’s proficiency at translating large amounts of complex information into a few simple key concepts and ideas.

Leroy Banack,

M.Sc., EP
Managing Director
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